A Kenyan Safari & Emerald Tea Fields.

     Since my last post about Rwanda I have arrived in my six-month nation. I am still settling in due to me being sick upon arrival. This has caused me to be processing things unusually slow thanks to my less than optimal cognitive skills while being sick. However, before arriving here a lot happened in Uganda and Kenya.

     We were only in Uganda for a few days and during that time we were scheduled to rest, which we took full advantage of. We spent about half a day observing what kind of work is being done in the nation. This was interesting but excruciatingly painful. Celine and I went to a children’s physiotherapy hospital that entailed kids crying or screaming with heartbreaking sights as well as stories. I wont go into too many details but it was the one time on the trip where my heart felt broken. I experienced genuine pain for the people who were uncomfortably enduring everyday life. It wasn’t a thought of “oh I should feel bad right now because this is terrible,” like I had many other times, but this was simply real emotion. It shook me and I had to take time to process it, which was humbling. If you want to hear a little more of the details comment below and I will share.

     After our restful time in Uganda we flew to our last destination before our team of nine would split up into our individual countries for six months. As the title of the post alludes to, it was the great country of Kenya. Once we arrived our loving hosts Silas and Rehab warmly welcomed us. The week was filled with visiting a tea factory and tea fields, visiting multiple ministries Silas and Rehab helped at or ran, spent a day at Trans World Radio, went on a safari, and spent a day at one of the parks.

     The emerald green of the tea fields were unbelievably gorgeous and made me appreciate the joy of drinking tea even more than I had before. While observing the many forms of tea that day I couldn’t help but think of my Nan and Pop who first introduced me to the routine of tea drinking. I’m not sure if my Pop could go a day without tea and I wouldn’t want to see him try because I don’t know what would happen. To say the least, I look forward to being back home after these months of travel and talking with them about life while drinking tea.

     As you can see below a majority of the images are from the safari on one of our days off. It was such a delight being able to see these African animals in a natural habitat and not in a restrictive zoo. I hope you enjoy the photos a fraction of how much I loved capturing them! Feel free to use them as your desktop wallpapers and let me know which one you picked.