Go with the Flow.

     I have been at my six-month location for about three weeks and just moved into a place with a local guy this past Sunday. Overall everything here has been going well and apart from missing friends, family and Celine I am enjoying it. Soon I will hopefully be able to post photos that I have taken since getting here but the privacy details are getting figured out as I am writing this. Also to your misfortune it sounds like I wont be able to post details about where I am, specific people, or jobs I am working on. This leaves a very finite amount of options left for me to be able to share, which is why I am posting images from an amazing hike with great people. We went to Johnston Falls and another waterfall that I don’t recall the name of but if you know comment below.

     To relate my first weeks here and the images below I look to the water for inspiration. Water simply flows where ever gravity takes it and much like water I have had to force myself to just flow along with life. As soon as one starts to travel it’s rare that everything goes as anticipated. I realized this as soon as I departed from Canada but now that I‘m introduced into a foreign culture and constantly interacting with new people on a regular basis it forces me into going with the flow.

     Before my first year of college I adored order, planning, and structure. However this begrudgingly changed once Paul, my roommate first year and now a best friend, reminded me daily every time I looked to his side of the room that order was not as essential in life as I presumed. Another guy who quickly became a best friend, Max, constantly was taking time away from my studying and trying to be a diligent student in order to go play foosball or just hang out. Looking back at this I’m extremely thankful for both of these guys who forced me to change my perspective and ultimately make living abroad easier then it would have been.

     I hope you enjoy the photos below and feel free to use any of them for your desktop! I am working on new blog ideas and the next few may be photography related since I am not doing too much travel at the moment. Thanks for reading!