The Journey

     Throughout my time of being educated in photography one of the most helpful pieces of advice has been that it’s not about the final destination but rather the journey of getting there. This can be applied to many aspects in life but it is fundamentally counter intuitive to how I thought. I’ve always been more prone to thinking, “who cares about what’s on the way lets just get to the point” or the result or product that was intended. The more I made photographs and not just snap shots I quickly realized that the development of my photography is one long endeavor that can be summed up as a journey! This has been emphasized as I do more travel photography because the destinations between destinations constantly provide intriguing images. Each image below was taken in spare time or on the way to getting the images that we went on the tip for. Seeking out the details or inconspicuous subjects consistently reveals frames that I find to be my favorites from a trip.

     Taking on a different perspective I would say that life is much more about the final destination rather than our journey and I think what happens to us after death is a prime example of that. Our journey matters to some degree but if we believe in the truth and accept it then no matter how messed up our life has been we are saved. Yes, I am intentionally being ambiguous but if you’re confused or have questions send me a message and we can talk!

     Enjoy the images below and if you haven’t checked out or heard of Michael Kenna and Ansel Adams go NOW because their black and white work inspires my pursuit for the next impactful colorless image. Simply they are spectacular and classics in their fields. Thanks for reading! I would love to hear who you find inspiration from and let me know which image is your favourite!