Back from China!.

     Once again China was unbelievable! It has been a while since I posted a new blog update but the chaos that has taken over this past month seems comical. For the first two weeks of May I was in China working on my Digital Media practicum. The group of people I went with were incredible but my two other classmates and instructor truly made the trip unforgettable. Months prior to the trip Paul wrote a count down on the classroom white board therefore initiating the immense build of anticipation.  Before I knew it we were all on a flight from Calgary to Chengdu to embark on an adventure that pushed us all out of our comfort zones in various ways.  For the next few weeks I will post photos from each day of the trip and share something about the process of making some of my favourite images.  The posts will go live on Tuesdays and Thursdays so be sure to check back! Below is Day One in Chengdu and then Day Two in Kangding

     The first image in this set is the only one I took while in Chengdu but it set the bar high for the following days. What instantly caught my eye was the graffiti all over the walls and then travel exhausted Josh awkwardly lying on his bed. For the most part this encompassed how I felt throughout the trip extremely well. Following that are images from a day hike we went on just behind our hostel in Kangding. Lastly, is a photo that I am surprised turned out at all considering I forgot a tripod. It is a five second exposure where I rested the camera on a post with my hand propping up the lens to get the angle I wanted. Every evening in Kangding from 7-8 hundreds from the community get together to perform a circular rotating dance just for fun! It was quite the sight and  intriguing how something doesn't simply fade away because it is repeated so often but rather reoccurs everyday and assists a community as well as the culture to continually develop!