China : Day 6.

     Day 6 was the most exhausting day that I have ever experienced! The hike was another 8km into the Tibetan mountain range and the sickness everyone had caught the first day hit me at full force. That night I was up for most of it wishing I were either dead or in a hospital being cared for. This may sound pathetic, but at one point in the excruciating night I woke up: oozed out of my sleeping, got out of the tent, stood up in agony, looked at the breathtaking stars, and wished that falling over in the rain soaked earth to die was a logical option. Shortly after a desperate prayer and a few minutes of shivering and moaning in misery I reencountered our delicious supper and was stable enough to return to bed. Sorry for the graphic imagery. This being said, my night was still far from peaceful and I awoke totally drained.

     As soon as I woke up the thought of hiking was probably near the last thing I wanted to do that day. While everyone packed up the tents and supplies I hardly had enough energy to pack my own bag but once I did it purposed as a pillow. I laid there motionless until we had to start the 8km hike, which on any other day would have been a breeze. After breaking about every 10-20 minutes we finally arrived at our campsite. I took a 2.5 hour nap and awoke just in time for supper. I was feeling way better and thats when we saw the tibetan man below sitting on a ridge in the distance. I don't recall who initiated it but Paul and Zach grabbed the flash gear as I mustered up the stenght to merely fetch my camera. We got Abu, one of our guides, to check with the man to see if it was alright to photograph him and once we got the go ahead he was lit up with masses of photos! We all took turns capturing images of him and while we had the gear out figured it would be cool to get some portraits of Tom and Garret. Everyone was was a great sport and I think that the images of the tibetan man are some of the best portraits I have taken to date! Thanks for reading!