China: Day 7.

     Waking up to a heard of yak's roaming through your camp is unlike any alarm you will ever get on your phone. The yelling herders and bells clanging around as the yak's crossed the river and meandered through our campsite was an incredible start to the day. In addition to that I was feeling way better than I was the previous day and almost was looking forward to the hike ahead of us. 

     I was still a little weak but it was bearable and the hike was much shorter than the days before; merely 4km. Once we arrived at our campsite we realized the water source that had been there years prior had dried up so we backtracked about a kilometre and set up camp there instead. Zach and I both wanted to regain our strength for the hike we had the next day where we would be reaching an altitude of 4950 metres so we decided to set up our tent and remain there bantering for the remaining of the day. In the meantime Paul, of course, decided to ascend directly up the face of a mountain to try and check off yet another summit. This one reached up 4800 metres!  While he was up there a storm rolled in and we got some awesome time lapses but for the most part listening to rain patter on our tent was the extent of my activity. Overall the day was nice and relaxing with the anticipation of our upcoming hike slowly building.