China: Day 8.

     The pinnacle of our trip had arrived! We woke up early in the morning filled with curiosity of what our day would look like and excited for another adventure. Everyone's anticipation that had been building all trip was finally going to subside and the story of hiking up to 4950 metres above sea level in Tibet would be one we could share with thousands! Sometimes I find myself more excited about the possible story than the experience at hand; this may not be a good thing but its how I am. 

     For the most part I like to let the images speak for themselves but I do have some things to say. First off, the sky is actually that blue! Due to the thin atmosphere at nearly 5000 metres it appears more blue than what we are used to seeing closer to sea level. This provided for some epic black and whites as well as incredible contrast to the white snow that blankets the mountain side. The image of the man in the red sweater is the same man that we took portraits of a few days earlier. He was guiding a couple over the pass we just reached in order to get to the next town another 36km away! There was no way they would reach their goal that late in the day and they didn't seem to have any tenting supplies so I am extremely curious as to what they did that night. The day provided incredible images and a spectacular view that photos just didn't do full justice. Lastly, thank you for reading my stories and it would help a lot if you shared this any way you can!