China: Day 3.

      After the first day I was already pretty tired but was glad to be acclimating for the 2560m city. On the third day we left early morning to drive up to 3700m for another breathtaking hike to the base of the mountains in the images below.

     The photo of our group on a ridge in the distance reminded me of a scene in The Lord of the Rings. I am pleased with how the photo turned out but I nearly missed it completely. While descending from the mountain on an alternate route I saw the scene unfolding before me but couldn't capture it since I had my wide angle lens on. With almost too much hesitation I asked Zach to hold my camera as I rapidly switched to the telephoto lens inside my bag. Seconds after the shot everyone was out of sight on the other side of the ridge. 

     One lesson I know and once again was reinforced is to bring my camera everywhere! That evening, following the hike, we were all heading out for a traditional Tibetan meal. Initially I thought I wouldn't be needing my camera but, to my fortune, I changed my mind at the last moment and dashed through the hostel to grab it. The image of the man grinding and looking up at me is what I was rewarded with for bringing my cumbersome camera along. The man inside was totally fine with us photographing him and seemed to even be flattered that we saw him to be a fascinating subject. This image is easily in my top 10 favourite photos from the trip and once again I nearly didn't get it. 

   Which image is your favourite and feel free to share this post?!