Familiar Adventure.

      There are times in life when a relentless restlessness deep inside of us occasionally explodes out and our newly found or familiar wanderlust is all we can focus on. A flurry of question's often follow such as: when and where will that next adventure be? What scene will take my breath away the longest? Who do I want to share this experience with? Or even how can I share this with all my social media friends to make them think I have a fun and exciting life? Some of you may have thought all of these or you might be one of those spontaneous sorts that just GO! I identify more with the first and as my 9 month internship approaches I have begun to analyze why I have such a desire to gain more experiences and become entranced by different cultures.

     The more I travel I increasingly appreciate Canada, Alberta, and even my own back yard. Photography for me is what I think fuels my drive to explore the world and every time I get an image that captures a fraction of a second in a unique way it is invigorating to me. Now that I have made this realization that the light captured in my images are what creates the drive I thought that more of a challenge would be creating similar images in my own country, province or county! This doesn't only challenge me as a photographer but it also pushes me to look at what is familiar in a unique way. That could mean experiencing monotonous locations at different times, in terrible weather, or simply new angles. An example of this are the photos above which were taken on Cold Lake at sunset around 11pm as well as the images below that were taken at 5am the following morning. I was rewarded for sacrificing sleep and everytime I look at them it makes me want to step out more. This all being said I doubt that my drive for exploration or pursuit for the next jaw dropping photograph will ever subside. I want to encourage you to find that passion that truly makes you appreciate the world we are blessed to be living in.