Potentially this was one of the most exciting breaks from reality I have taken ever. As the title reads we ventured quite a distance. Starting In Bonnyville we began our journey Thursday night and arrived in Calgary shortly after midnight! Exhausted but still excited for the adventure ahead of us, we still tried to get some sleep that night after conversing with our good friends Caleb and Beth. The next morning we were headed off to Kananaskis to start our camping fun. After an agonizing strife with setting up the girls borrowed tent (Thank you Bill for being the front man on that!), the four of us decided to go driving to seek out where the trail was for the next day. Once we found it we decided to just sit and watch the sun set while talking and enjoying ourselves on the truck tailgate after a long day. The morning was upon us before we knew it therefore forcing us all to emerge from our shell like tents and prepare for what we anticipated to be an easy hike to Pickle Jar Lakes. For the most part it wasn't too bad but if it wasn't for my Solomon shoes I know I would have slid down without a doubt. Eventually we arrived at the first of five lakes just as a storm was sweeping in so we took shelter under some pine trees and ate lunch. It began to clear up so we continued on to the second lake where we got side tracked by a small stream that you can see me jumping across in the photos below; that I asked Celine to take. After sitting for a while and taking in the grandeur of the mountains in front of us we decided to head back to the campsite to relax until the next morning when we would return to Calgary.

     After returning to Calgary to shower and pack everything back into my Ranger, Celine and I departed northwards to Jasper! I was filled with excitement! Usually I end up exploring the Banff area so Jasper was a destination I haven't been to for a few years. Celine on the other hand was exhausted and slept as I drove through the scenic national park while listening to The Bad Christian Podcast (which I highly recommend to everyone who doesn't get offended easily). The next post will be released tomorrow!