GlobeTrek Departure: Delayed.

     Almost a year ago the concept of GlobeTrek seemed as foreign as some of the counties we are going to. Initially the concept of traveling around the world, to sixteen unique countries, was exhilarating and nothing but something to seek out for the next adventure. Now that time of departure has arrived the sobering reality is that it is immensely more than an adventure. A lot of people go on these kinds of trips simply for self-indulgence. I have a difficult time justifying this and having experienced a few of these sorts of trips they feel nothing but hollow and selfish extravaganzas in my opinion. This all being said I know it may be impossible to always go with a purpose but if we want to “vacation” I think there may be better ways to do it than spending thousands of dollars just to use a foreign culture for its weather and food. What I am really getting at is I am going with a purpose that I feel is very important and originated in me four years ago when I started photography.

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     After two years of college training I have a Diploma in Digital Media and have grown in the art of photography, as well as video, all thanks to the aid of my instructors. With this gift I always wanted to use it to capture the incredible world that surrounds us all the time. With the media I create my vision is to bring awareness of the needs that the world is crying out for. By initiating mindfulness to the prosperous people within North American culture I see it as a spark to bring forth change that needs to occur.

     A delay in receiving my visa occurred this past week so I won't be able to leave the same time as my team (Tuesday Sep 1). This was completely unexpected and I am going to say it was out of the organizers control as well. Another unexpected reality is that the cost of cancelling and rebooking a ticket will be out of my own pocket. I am still processing things and hope everything works out but prayer and financial support (be sure to specify who the donation is for) is very welcome at this time. In addition to that you can help me greatly by subscribing and sharing this with everyone you know! Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the upcoming reading and photos!