Jasper National Park.

     Before we arrived in Jasper we took a break at the Columbia Ice Field to see how much it changed since we visited a few years earlier when Celine and I just started dating. We also stopped at the first mountain in the photos below but I forget the name of it. It surprisingly looks identical to the first time I photographed it just after I bought my first dslr. The photo of us together was taken by a fellow anonymous photographer who had some serious gear and seemed to know what he was doing so thanks to him for capturing us together!

     Once we arrived to our campsite we quickly set up our tent before it got dark and tried to get some sleep for our hike the next morning. Fortunately it had rained that evening which allowed for the peaceful pattering of rain on that tent that I love as well as a fog that encompassed the surrounding mountains. It wasn't until the afternoon that it cleared up. The area we decided to explore is called Five Lakes Trail which provided five sapphire blue bodies of water where each of them made us want to sit and watch the wind theatrically interact with the surface. On our way back to the campsite for lunch I had Celine take the photo of me in the amazing light which I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! The reality of having to cook everything over a fire with limited cooking supplies is one I could eventually get used to. Luckily we are both pretty good campfire cooks and made delectable grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of beans.  

     To conclude the already spectacular day we went for a scenic drive to the famous Maligne Lake. While driving down Range Road 260A there were droves of vehicles flocking in the opposite direction. At first I thought there might have been a natural disaster ahead but it turns out the shops on the lake just closed for the day. Little did these tourists know that they were missing out on the best light that day! After going on a short walk and enjoying the sunset we started driving back to the campsite for the evening. Right before this we took a spontaneous and quick detour to Lake Annette to see what the lake that shared a name with Celine's mom looked. As we expected it too was a gorgeous area and the setting sun peaked through the mountains briefly just enough to kiss the face of the mountain in the distance.