2 Benefits of Leaving Late.

     As I mentioned in the previous post I am waiting for my visa that allows me to enter into the country I will be staying in for six months. I am sure you can imagine missing out on a week in Spain is not something one desires but through it I have learned a lot and strengthened friendships.

1.     I'm not too sure where to start with what I learned. It might be something I already know or something I may view as a learning experience in the future. Originally I was pretty disappointed that I wouldn't be joining the team in flying out but after the reality that my Visa wouldn't be in that day I started to reconcile things internally. Slowly I began to adjust to the certainty that I was being left at the college campus for another week. This in itself was something that I had to accept and understand that I need to be flexible because it is guaranteed that a lot of this nine-month internship is not going to align with my preconceived plans. The repercussions from this lead to the other two topics I mentioned prior, the reaffirming of friendships and avoiding irrational decisions.

2.     Reaffirming or strengthening of friendships is quite straightforward. The rest of the team arrived in Three Hills at the latest on Sunday and then left the following Tuesday so the time frame where they were able to say “hi” to everyone after the summer was nearly as long as it was to say good bye before leaving. In a way I wish I could have had the same experience but in my opinion rejoining relationships to hastily separate again has the potential of being unhealthy. All this is merely my opinion but from staying here an extra week I undoubtedly count it as a fortune to reconnect with the people I genuinely love before I embark on this crazy event in my life.  The photos below are from a personal project I did last year of a lot of the people who attended the college with me and have even helped me this year (Sorry Max that you weren't here when I took these photos but thank you so much for coming to visit!).

To conclude, I just want to say thank you everyone who has supported me and cares about my well being throughout this process! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my visa or why I haven’t left yet the trip would be funded, so if that was you, its just a dollar…. Just kidding and thanks for reading!