How I Time Travel.

     Time Travel is one of those concepts that everyone wishes became a reality at one point in their life or another. Maybe even some of you crazies out there think it’s been done because you saw it on the tele or the World Wide Web. Don’t get me wrong I would love for it to exist but now days I think our best chance for time travel is to actually go to the places around earth that haven’t totally modernized. A perfect example of this was my most recent trip to a village where I met people who lived on a family farm that likely hasn’t changed in decades or maybe centuries! The tools they used, the lack of indoor plumbing, and limited electricity all resembled how we might have lived in the 1890’s when electricity was first starting to be widely used. I definitely don’t say this in a degrading or negative way but more in a way of admiration. Not living with the luxuries we take for granted everyday is unfathomable for many of us but for these people not to view it as strange was humbling.

     Throughout the evening and half day I was there the residing family couldn’t have been more accommodating to my photography desires. They would pose for me and just exist in ways that created the making of an image to formulate naturally. From early morning until mid afternoon the family allowed me to capture some of my most memorable portraits since being here. The last one of the older man came about somewhat oddly. Out of no where he walked up behind me and when I turned around to greet him he proceeded to shake my hand then go in for the cultural kiss on the cheek, which I wasn’t expecting at that moment. After this occurred I thought it would be appropriate if I took his picture since he somewhat stole the kiss right off my cheek and needless to say his expression reflected what I thought his personality was. Enjoy the photos and I'll be posting the landscape images next week. Please take a few seconds to share this with anyone who likes to travel!