This Alien World.

     Well after somewhat of a lull in my adventures here, these past two weeks made up for that downtime. Apologies for not releasing a post last week for all seven of you who read this (haha) but I was pleasantly occupied by hanging out with Celine who came from Thailand to visit me!  Needless to say it was amazing and we were fortunate to experience a lot of new things!

     One of our escapades was to mud volcanoes that spewed up cool, skin smoothing, brown, oily, sludge that seeped from other worldly mounds. Without a doubt these are one of the most fascinating geographical features I’ve ever seen! There were dozens of mini volcanoes but each one had an independently unique rhythm and sound that made for fascinating time-lapses and confounding images. The variety of textures and formations were enough to make any photographer long to stay there for days to see how the environment transformed through varying light. While I was mesmerized by the landscape Celine was off exploring the expanse. What this looked like for her was seeking the hands on experience by getting covered in the nearly liquid goo. She was even generous enough to whimsically smudge my cheek with the muck pasted to her hands. I admit I was initially thrown off but shortly after it made me realize how much I missed her and the spontaneity she brings to my life. After such an awesome time I might need to start planning another trip out there just to see what it would look like under the stars or at sunset. Which reminds me that a huge thanks goes to my host family for bringing us out there! They’re always so accommodating and having their family as well as another friend go with us made the experience all the merrier.

     Celine and I managed to experience quite a bit throughout the illusive two weeks she was here so new blog posts for each of those are on the horizon! I’m so thankful that she was able to come visit after four months of being apart and for all the people who made it possible! Especially those who booked her tickets and helped with the visa process! Check back next week to see what we did following the mud volcanoes and as always please share with people if you like the photos.