The Force of Change.

     Following our visually tantalizing time at the mud volcanoes we had enough daylight left to visit some crazy rock formations. As soon as we arrived at this second location I couldn’t help but reminisce about the Alberta Badlands that I’ve explored on numerous occasions. This obscure scene had similar qualities but was still unique enough to make me want to wander through the maze for days. The curvaceous, weathered boulders appeared to be infected by miniature pits, which initiated my pondering mind to imagine how or what this location was like thousands of years ago. To add to the complexity and intrigue this place had hundreds of petroglyphs littering the surfaces of the larger rocks.

     Thinking back to how it reminded me of the Alberta Badlands made me realize how much I missed home. I think that the moment I left I missed it but it’s often easy to suppress those feelings when you’re simply trying to navigate through daily life in a different culture. As much as I miss home I wouldn’t want this experience taken away because there’s been a lot of incredible experiences as you all have seen on this blog. I guess what I miss most about being home is that it doesn’t feel like my life is on pause. These nine months of travel without a doubt keep me occupied but I’m always looking to the bigger and better opportunity or experience and when I’m in the same one for an extended period of time I get restless. Now, I’m not restless in a discontent sort of way but more like I want to bring whatever I’m doing to the next level, in a way I think is most effective. I also find that the longer I’m part of any entity I want to make it better and if I’m not in a hierarchical position to do so I implode. I say implode because I rarely outburst as a child might but rather I’m deeply cogitatively thinking of how improvement can be made to whatever I think needs transformation. Internal exhilaration consumes me with a desire to get to the point where I can make valuable change. From the outside you probably will never see this due to my introverted mannerisms but you better believe I’m analyzing and pondering what my next steps need to be.

     To conclude, I want it vividly clear that I crave to make positive change to improve the things I love. If you find yourself frustrated with me it might be because I’m pushing for change and that makes it your job to either enable me, get out of my way, or just straight up convince me that you’re infinitely more intelligent with flawless reasoning. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you and I can work towards improving this broken world we live in!