Old Ways.

     One of our last adventures while Celine was visiting was venturing into a historical part of the city to walk along the cobblestone streets observing the small shops selling their trinkets.  Throughout our walk we shared a lot of laughs and good conversation that I had dearly missed while we were apart. It was so refreshing being together, just the two of us, in a quiet subsection of the bustling chaotic city. After looking around and seeing some of the iconic attractions we decided to go for lunch at a quaint restaurant that cooked local dishes. To say the least, the local dishes, that I’ve had before, were prepared exquisitely this time and really were the best quality I’ve had since arriving here. You might think the photos of Celine are of her drinking nice red wine but it was freshly squeezed pomegranate juice that was equally desirable as the rest of the meal. Part of having the local restaurant experience is that there is a language barrier and to our surprise that glass of juice was quite pricey just as the rest of the meal was (in comparison to other food here), which might explain why it was so delectable.  

     After our lunch we went for a walk down a very modern boardwalk, which seemed to juxtapose the old streets we just came from. In retrospect of this outing I’ve been thinking how the ancient architecture and old style of cooking has been preserved and much like the fundamentals of cooking or architecture our ideologies follow the same suit. As a young person I find myself in constant realization that the generations before me have ideologies and ways of thinking that differ greatly from my own at times. This insight often occurs in times of conflict or disagreement. The scenario is often that I think I know best but the old dogma that another may hold contrasts mine so greatly I become confounded as to how society evolved in such a way to produce two significantly differing thought processes. My conundrum is to know when I should pursue my own understanding, or trust the apparent wisdom of the older person, to ensure success in the situation at hand. As I regularly pray for wisdom I wonder if there is a reason why I have differing thoughts or if they are even valid when put up against the ‘tried and true’ ways of previous generations.

     What are your thoughts on advancing ideologies, not including ones from scientifically proven ones? Have you experienced this situation in the work place or in daily life with family maybe? Let me know how you handled this. Also I’m writing this at a time where I’m not currently directly working with anyone where this is happening. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos! They are some of my favorites considering I didn’t go with the intention of shooting photos.