2017 Optimism.

     This will be a quick post where I want to wish you all a (somewhat late) Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! I’m feeling optimistic about 2017 so far! For one, I’m not traveling and starting the year off in survival mode due to living abroad, which feels like a huge head start. Secondly, there are a lot of great things going on! Some of these include married life, my job with Octopus Creative, selling prints, meeting great people on Instagram, traveling around Alberta and BC, planning to start a small business in the spring (more info to come in a few months), and overall living healthier spiritually, mentally, and physically. There’s a lot more that I’m grateful for but those are some quick ones that come to mind.

     I want to encourage you to start off 2017 with a positive outlook and drive that may have been lost in 2016. Rethink your goals and aspirations, then realign what you're doing to a degree directs you towards succeeding at those goals. I really enjoy New Years resolutions so in the comment section below I’d love to hear any of the ones you’ve made in an attempt to realign your life (I know most people think they’re dumb but they work for me and I made lots! :p). Lastly, the images below are a throwback to my honeymoon in Whistler when Celine and I drove a backcountry hiker to a remote lake and went on a hike with him; we also made a quick stop at Alexander Falls!