A Few Spring Favourites.

    I've come to the conclusion that I won't be a 'popular' photographer.  I don't mean for that to be a negative realization but more one of contentment. I've never been a fan of images that are over processed or excessively stylized and all of my favourite photographers have subtle yet unique styles. They don't rely on extreme contrast, clarity or saturation but primarily on quality light, composition, and especially beautiful subjects. With the easy access to share my photos to hundreds of people on social media, the aesthetic trend seems not to favour my style of photography. The result seems to be that I have slower social growth compared people who edit in a way that aligns with the trends. Although I may just be naive when it comes to the reason for my stagnation in follower growth, I'm still so thankful for the people who stick around and like, comment, and share the work I create. I want to make images that are timeless and I think for that reason I'll continue to resist the temptation to comply with the trend; in reality I'm probably just a contrarian at heart.

     With that being said, these are some of my favourite images from this spring. I love the lone tree with the moon in the background and watching this rainbow left me speechless as the wind shook my entire body.  Have a great weekend everyone!