Another Season.

     While we transition into winter, an unusual appreciation for the seasons transpires within me. I find myself especially thankful for the time of growth that occurs during the summer and the time of rest that seems to naturally occur throughout the winter. I know this may seem like I'm only referring to growing vegetables or crops but personally I'm not nearly as eager to grow or progress on personal projects. I'm not sure if this is caused by seasonal affective disorder or if some ancient rhythm is awakening within me. Regardless of what exactly it is, taking time to appreciate change throughout the year and the effects it has on us seems to be healthy. What are your thoughts on changing seasons of life and the physical changes that our circumnavigation around the sun brings? 

     Below are a few more images from the vast number of back roads I drove down this summer and I'm trying to decide if I should post images from our road trip this summer or more from the random excursions.