Camp to College.

     Since last week I’ve had an extensive photo shoot for Octopus Creative, helped out at Camp Shekinah, and packed to move to Prairie College so Celine can complete her last year of school.

     From day one of Camp Shekinah I’ve made time to be there but this year with the wedding and honeymoon we weren’t able to for the full time. Fortunately we were able to help during the second week and see a few of the amazing things that occur each year. One of my favorite aspects of camp is that we get the opportunity to see a snap shot of kids’ lives from all different backgrounds. Not only can we positively influence them but also it directly contrasts the mass amounts of negativity that might be bombarding their day-to-day lives at home. If you ever have the opportunity to work at a summer camp I highly recommend it!

     Tomorrow Celine and I leave for Prairie College, which means packing has been pretty wild! Other than my camera gear I can fit all of my clothes into a duffle bag and the other random things in a medium sized tote but I’m hoping to continue reducing the amount of material things I own. Anyways, this upcoming year of living at the college is going to be wonderful! Celine and I get to have our own apartment and we are in the same building as many of our friends. There is already talk of monthly brunches, movie nights, dinner parties, and various other fun events!

     Thank you for reading and even though, as usual, these next weeks will be busy I look forward to sharing another post with you next week!