Location Composition.

     Composing images in the dark for the northern lights is a skills I probably need to work on. That being said, composition is one of the aspects in photography that I think continually needs to be improved upon. The fortunate part about composition is that there are so many 'rules' or ways our eyes view things as being aesthetically pleasing, it eventually becomes more natural to accomplish multiple compositions in a single frame. Each time I bring out my camera I try to think of how various elements within the frame enhance how people view my images. At times it comes really naturally but then other outings it feels like I'm grasping at something merely mediocre. Something that is becoming more apparent to me is that as hard as I try to find local views that are compelling for people, it sometimes takes a fresh location in order to gain fresh eyes and inspiration. 

     I like to think that I'm an advocate for shooting your local area but the other part of me realizes that most prominent and well known landscape photographers live in areas with innumerable breathtaking scenes. I'm just not sure if the Lakeland Region has that many scenes that can be photographed continually without them getting repetitive or overdone. I sometimes think, "how many old barns or buildings can one find before everyone gets tired of them?" Obviously this comes from that persistent internal self doubt but I thought I'd share some of these quiet concerns that arise sometimes. 

     Until we eventually move I'll do my best to continue to create compelling images that make people want to experience my home region and maintain its natural beauty for future generations. Thakns again for reading and I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on finding a long term place of residence.