Discovering the Hidden: Drumheller.

     As many of you know, I feel like I’m at healthiest when I’m out in nature taking photos. A month or so ago I was fortunate enough to take the day to go to Drumheller all alone just for photography. I could say a lot about a few images below but for each one of them I allotted ample time to compose, think about, and process the scene in front of me. Even though there wasn’t a stunning sunset or even the best light I managed to make due with what the weather provided and created a few, somewhat, compelling images. 

     Every image I made was at least a 30 second exposure to allow time for the clouds to streak across the sky and add some interest to what would have been a boring upper portion of the frame. If I had to narrow it down I think my favorite image is the one right after the suspension bridge. The primary reason I enjoy it is because of the cloud that streaks perfectly above the old mining structure. Fortunately, the clouds had been moving pretty hastily that day so I only had to wait a few minutes for it to get into the desired location and then I took a 30 second exposure. In addition to the little white cloud, I love the contrast between the light and dark hills on both sides, the sunlight barely streaming over the left hill to light up the foreground, the motion in the grass, and most of all the stark tones. A lot of the time its not the grand scenes that I get excited about but more so the subtle overlook locations that leap out at you only after spending time with them.

     I hope you enjoyed this batch of images and I look forward to sharing another post with you next week! Thanks for reading and if you got this far I have a secret for you; I’m making YouTube videos now!