Dungeon Mountain.

     We silently hiked along the muddy trail as snow pummelled our backs, in an attempt to force us to turn around and abandon our mission. We persevered and continued on our way in hopes of eventually reaching the campsite where we would be staying for the night. To our dismay, the campsite was a lot further than we anticipated and due to the unexpected weather conditions we were soaked, cold, tired, and unsure if the mountains would have mercy on us. We had no idea the elements would try to eliminate us during our last backcountry-backpacking trip of the season. All we could do was bundle up with additional layers in a meagre effort to retain our body heat and regain feeling throughout our extremities. With the clouds covering most of the mountains there weren’t many opportunities for photography but as though to show us a glimmer of hope, the clouds started to break. While this happened I was able to frame the mountains with the trees and ominous fog that encroached on our very well being. My goal with the image was for the tones to portray the menacing atmosphere we found ourselves experiencing in the backcountry. 

     This concludes the three week series of the black and white images I entered into a landscape photography contest. Next week I'm volunteering at Camp Shekinah as a cabin leader so I wont be able to post but once I'm back, I'll have a lot of great images and adventures to share!