Ending with a BANG!.

     Unlike what most of you may be thinking, no one was shot and we didn’t even hear a bang or anything that ties into the title. What I simply want to imply is that this final month of travel has been one of growth and learning. From my limited experiences in China, prior to this trip, I already knew that I enjoyed the minute amount of Asian culture I previously experienced and anticipated a similar experience to follow!

     In just over a month we have experienced Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, and are finishing off in the Philippines. Each one offered unique culture, food, geography, architecture, and lessons learned. Probably one of the most educational times I’ve had was in Vietnam but due to the closed nature of the country I can’t share too much other than coming to the understanding that good theology is directly reflected in how we live. If we aren’t living healthy or socially active lives it is likely our philosophy or theology is likely not what we truly believe.

     I’ll be home in less than a week and can’t wait to start sharing my stories in person! The books and thank you’s to everyone who financially supported me will be in the works while I’ll be searching for work. These photos are from our time in Vietnam and will continue to post photos from the rest of the trip each of the following weeks so stay tuned!