Fantastical Food Pt. 1.

      I want this post to be one that I can look back on in 10 years and think “Wow I’ve grown and developed so much since that time.” In reality what I want and what happens are two drastically opposing things that seem to be hyperbolized when it comes to serious matters. The topic of this internal conversation, or obsession, I’ve been anxiously, analyzing for the past few months is a simple four-letter word. Like many people who share daily life with me, you're probably perplexed as to why this substance, or sustenance, that comes in endless conceivable forms has been on my mind for so long and taxing my perceived understanding of the world. Well there’s one person who initiated this contagious, curiosity that has now turned into a reformation of colossal magnitude. I suppose it’s somewhat like the oddity in life where whenever you buy something, a new car for example, you then notice that same one exponentially more than before. Similarly I’ve noticed, or maybe even subconsciously brought about, the conversation that was introduced to me by my wonderful friend, Michael. Only a few months ago my entire understanding of food was challenged and I reluctantly let it infiltrate my mind.

      After a few initial conversations with Michael, discussing some of the more entry-level aspects of Food and Faith by Norman Wirzba, I was determined to read the book for myself. I fully understood the potential of a slow mindset shift regarding food but I didn’t anticipate the metaphorical wall I soon hit. Before I go on about the innumerable paragraphs within Wirzba’s book that left me stunned, I want to elaborate on what might have brought me to this point. As many of you might know from reading my previous posts or seeing my photography, I really enjoy nature and feel intimately connected to my spirituality when amongst it. Just a quick clarification, I believe in Jesus and identify as a Christian but seem to be constantly learning what exactly that means or looks like to live. I feel as though I could go down an entirely different rabbit hole reflecting on the progression of my faith, but I’ll save that for another day. Anyways, ever since I was young I’ve felt connected to nature and have wanted to immerse myself into it. Living in a wealthy province, thanks to oil, has resulted in what some might categorize as an unapproachable opposition to my somewhat instinctual desire to preserve and aid in the health of the natural world. Majority of people in my hometown would probably think I’m just some hippy, millennial who doesn’t know reality and just wants a utopia that isn’t possible. I guess to an extent they’re right, but what reasonable person wouldn’t want that? Due to some of my frustration with the unquenchable consuming nature of people in the Western world, I wanted to learn more about the side that isn’t pro consume. As one might speculate, that lead me to learning about minimalism, tiny homes, ecological issues, countless documentaries on preserving wildlife and nature, and even some directly aimed at anti oil messaging. Just as I would with any dichotomy of views, I wanted to hear both sides of the stories being told. In this instance I grew up hearing one side without any contrast but definitely can’t pinpoint what exactly informed me on the pro oil and consumer mindset. Likely it was a just a slow infusion of information over the years from passive sources. I don’t blame anyone but that’s just the way it was in my town. Everyone had to have their big trucks, massive homes, quads, enormous campers, and the list goes on. Another realization that might have come from my Christian upbringing was that I simply didn’t want the pressure of limitlessly climbing to bigger and better. It just seems dismal.

      Dismal. What a great way to end the first segment of this post! Thanks for reading this far and I’ll have the other part up next Tuesday so be sure to subscribe so you get it sent right to your email. I’d love to get some feedback on this weeks post since it was the first time in awhile that I’ve dug deep into something’s I’ve been pondering. Oh and the photos below are from a really fun camping trip at Crescent Falls during Autumn! Peace.