Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone.

     Out of all the locations we visited in Yellowstone I was looking forward to the Grand Prismatic Spring most. Unfortunately I had failed to research the reality that most of the time it’s covered in thick fog because of the warm temperatures of the pool. Regardless I tried my best to create images I enjoyed and reminded me of our time there. It was comical seeing elk prints headed directly into the spring, disregarding any boardwalks or advisories. As for the wildlife we were fortunate enough to see it all on the short drive from our campsite to the spring! There are so many bison that it was sometimes intimidating driving by them on the road; in fear of them charging because you were on their turf. Also the ravens were such fascinating birds. We would stop at a picnic table and out of nowhere there would be ravens off in the distance coming to gawk at our food.

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