Here Comes the Sunshine.

     This is going to be a shorter post but I want to just give all you wonderful readers a quick update. As you might have noticed I’ve been documenting or sharing a lot of my thoughts lately. I love the feedback you’ve given me and hope to continue documenting my personal and photographic journey with you. This being said, I also want to be growing in my creative outlets and in order to do that I need to practice them intentionally. I’m not doing this to gain fame or popularity but rather to document the process of getting to wherever I might be going. As a result of wanting to document rather than achieve virality, I’ve come to the realization that instead of weekly, semi edited, hour long writing sessions; I need to focus more on developing a style and consistent quality. What this means is that for the time being I’m going to enter into a season of listening, rerouting, and looking for guidance for where I need to be heading.

     I don’t think the blog posts are going to stop but for now they might be monthly rather than weekly and talking a lot more about my photographic process with less focus on my personal thoughts or ideology. I’d love to hear if you have any feedback, wisdom, stories, or even guidance for where or what I should be documenting throughout this process. Thanks again for reading and be sure to follow along with my Facebook and Instagram to see more recent images.  

     P.S. The photos below are from my only snowboarding trip I managed to go on this winter with my good friend Dyllon. If you’ve been around from the beginning you’d also know it was after my trip to Sunshine that I wrote the second blog post ever! It seems like yesterday that I started this thing.