Northern Lights Show.

     Our trip to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park was the first of a few we've done this summer with friends from college. The first night was a spectacular sunset but I didn't have time to explore the area to find a good perspective facing west so I did the best I could with what I found. The next day sunset was equally impressive and on my way to finding a location a massive beaver chewed down a tree right in front of us and dragged it across the path. I wasn't prepared at all so I was pretty disappointed with the quick snap. After our beaver encounter I managed to find a peacfeul area to catch the sunset reflecting on the lone cloud in the sky. Overall it was already a pretty good weekend of catching up with friend, camping and photography but the main event was still to come! 

     As you can see in the highlighted image there was an unforgettable Northern Lights show! I was blown away by the dancing, movement and colours. I've watched the Aurora a lot but nothing like this. That night I think it was nearly 3am before I called it quits but I easily could have laid in the dirt staring up all night. I'm so thankful for living far enough North to be treated to a Northern Lights show every once in a while. I'm curious if there will be a day that they'll simply stop showing up? Anyways, thanks for reading and as always I'd love to hear any feedback you have on the photos or if you think its possible for the Northern lights to dissapear permenately one day.