Old Faithful - Yellowstone.

     After a long day of exploring, we arrived at Old Faithful for the last eruption before the visitor center closed. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot I was amazed by the capacity that the resort could accommodate for. There were massive hotels, restaurants, and visitor centers all due to Old Faithful’s fame. I highly recommend going outside the tourist season because if you hope to get any sort of images without people littering them, that’s your best shot! As for my photography that day, Old Faithful was a little disappointing simply because it was raining so much and the bleak grey sky didn’t allow the geyser to pop like it would have on a clear day. Another bittersweet moment was while we were waiting for Old Faithful to blow a different geyser, that only goes off every 3-5 hours, went off in the background. Unfortunately I was too far away and too low to photograph the magnificent eruption of geothermal water. Even though I didn’t achieve the most striking image of the main attraction it was nice to wander around the rest of the paths to see the wide array of pools and smaller, less frequent, geysers.

     I realize my trip to Yellowstone was ages ago but I’m not too sure how to effectively share my experiences in a timely manner that keeps up with my most recent adventures. What might work is if all my recent stuff is shared through Instagram and Facebook and more long-term storytelling will be here. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!