Ptarmigan Cirque.

      I'm not sure how I missed posting the images from this hike but lets just call it a throw back Thursday! By far Ptarmigan Cirque was one of the most rewarding hikes I've been on for how relatively easy the trail was. Once you get to the plateau there are gorgeous scenes in every direction. Not only were the views on point, but the people on the hike are what make the day even more memorable. Celine, Caleb, and Nic are all so much fun hiking with and spending quality time around them is revitalizing! Currently Caleb and Nic are down south and it's been quite the adjustment not being able to hang out with them on a regular basis like we were able to at Prairie. Needless to say, I miss them and our other friends down south immensely with hopes of seeing them soon! 

I'd love to hear where some of your favourite hikes are and what the views are like. I'll probably be taking a break from mountains for a while and begin posting a few of the many sunset drives I've gone on since moving back to Bonnyville.