Purpose & Passion.

     As I transition from working part time, on a computer, at a marketing agency to working in greenhouses with trees, I find myself not entirely sure where, or how, I want to progress my photography. I know I want it to have purpose and for my creative ability in the craft to grow but being in a small town where having a positive environmental impact isn't really acknowledged as a productive cause, makes it hard to know where to turn. Even with this first paragraph I'd expect most people to stop reading, and I dont blame them, but I'm hopeful for the future. I desire to help maintain untouched nature and have it accessible to my future kid(s) to experience with wide eyes, as I did growing up.

      Additionally, over the past year or two I've really been captivated with the term sustainability and the innumerable implications "living sustainablily" encomapsses. You can almost look at any action and ask, "is this sustainable," and immediately you've opened up a deep hole of discussion. As modern day people, we have a tendency to  search out instant solutions. A medical analogy could be applied where if someone has heart problems the solution is often open heart surgery but if a sustainable solution was prescribed, such as a patient drastically changing their diet and lifestyle in order to reverse or lessen the heart problems, it would create long lasting improvement. Of course I acknowledge the need for emergency procedures but the point is we should be looking at taking preventative action opposed to reactive measures.

     While I work with the seedlings these coming weeks I'll be pondering what direction I should take the craft I see as personal therapy and a creative outlet. If you have any wisdom or organizations I might be able to work with, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the images below (including my ridiculous selfie). :p