Living in an area entirely unknown for landscape photography is an interesting challenge. Of course, any location has beauty, although there are some that seem to be more elevated in a literal sense when it comes to aesthetic appeal. I frequently find myself in a landscape photography slump and part of that could be due to weather conditions being grey, uninteresting skies, or the fact that this is home and having a fresh perspective is exceedingly difficult. Combining all those excuses forces me to realize that similar problems can be experienced wherever you live. There will always be moments where an area lacks inspiration but increasingly I’m admiring people who photograph a similar location repeatedly; opposed to those who travel all over just to get the same image as thousands before them. Even while planning our trip to Ireland and the U.K. this spring I’m curious as to how much drive I’ll have to make images of someone else’s homeland. Regardless, I’ll take photos but there seems to be something special when images of home and the intimate insights into a place are captured well by a local. I’m not saying I do that proficiently or even that I won't travel or potentially move but accepting the significance of putting down roots seems ever more inescapable.