Summer 2016.

     This summer has been a blur! I returned from travelling and immediately started looking for work but nothing was available until just last week when I started as the photographer at an awesome local branding company called Octopus Creative! Prior to that I had been doing the odd photo shoot as well as building a plethora of open, air terrariums just to make a bit of money. I’m truly thankful that there was so many great people who bought terrariums or had me photograph their families. Thanks to each of you affording the wedding this weekend is possible. You also may be wondering why my blogs have fallen to about every two weeks and it’s because of the crazy amount of planning and small jobs I have had lately.

     Although I’m really busy and my mind is everywhere I have continued to grow in appreciation for my friends and family. The photos below are from an amazing Canada Day weekend with friends who I dearly care for (Celine, Caleb, Nic, Mark, Beth, and Carly). Everyone who has committed to helping at the wedding this weekend I want to thank you especially for contributing to the celebration!

     I didn’t want to write too much but whenever I’m feeling grateful or passionate words seem to spew from my fingers. Anyways, this summer has been prime! As soon as I landed on Canadian soil there was a flurry of events that all lead up to the wedding this weekend and then the honeymoon afterwards! Speaking of honeymoon, I planned the best surprise trip for Celine and I! Since we will be gone after the wedding I probably won’t be able to post for another week or so but once I’m back or moved to Three Hills weekly posts should resume. I just can’t emphasize enough how thankful I am for the people directly in my life, all of your reading this, or even people who follow my work on various social media platforms.