The three images in this post are the first of of the many short excursions I've done while being back in Bonnyville. Since first going to college 4 years ago and getting a taste for travel in highschool, I've had the privilege to see the world and innumerable breathtaking scenes. It didnt take much for me to be enamoured by the feeling of adventure that occurs when boarding an airplane. Even right at the moment of writing this, I yearn to visit New Zealand or possibly move there, but I'm coming to grips with the reality that life can't always advance at the rate we'd like it to. Sometimes goals and ambitions are a life long pursuit that may seem unattainable from the place and time you're standing in. That reality is not comfortable to live with and it's tempting to just give up, shift goals, or even lose all energy that goes into working in a positive direction. To sum it up, I'm feeling impatient, stuck, frustrated, and a little helpless being back where I grew up with an identity that is significantly different from when I left. 

     I enjoy the people and area but career wise I dont see my goals being attainable. Maybe there needs to be a pioneer, but at this point I don't think I'm capable of that. I have a lot of self doubt and it doesnt matter how much people affirm my skills; that doubt is always going to be eminent. Anyways, I'll be working on overcoming it and creating images that people love and convey a message. Thanks for reading and if you like what I'm writing or my images be sure to share it. 

Northern Lights Show.

     Our trip to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park was the first of a few we've done this summer with friends from college. The first night was a spectacular sunset but I didn't have time to explore the area to find a good perspective facing west so I did the best I could with what I found. The next day sunset was equally impressive and on my way to finding a location a massive beaver chewed down a tree right in front of us and dragged it across the path. I wasn't prepared at all so I was pretty disappointed with the quick snap. After our beaver encounter I managed to find a peacfeul area to catch the sunset reflecting on the lone cloud in the sky. Overall it was already a pretty good weekend of catching up with friend, camping and photography but the main event was still to come! 

     As you can see in the highlighted image there was an unforgettable Northern Lights show! I was blown away by the dancing, movement and colours. I've watched the Aurora a lot but nothing like this. That night I think it was nearly 3am before I called it quits but I easily could have laid in the dirt staring up all night. I'm so thankful for living far enough North to be treated to a Northern Lights show every once in a while. I'm curious if there will be a day that they'll simply stop showing up? Anyways, thanks for reading and as always I'd love to hear any feedback you have on the photos or if you think its possible for the Northern lights to dissapear permenately one day. 

Prairie Homestead.

     For this post I'm not going to write much but point you to the mini series I made talking about some of my favourite image. In the videos I cover the stories and editing process behind each one so I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading and you can find the video here.

Barrier Lake Instameet.

     You stuck around! Thanks for hanging out while I was gone. I genuinely appreciate it and even though it technically wasn’t that long since my last post, it feels like a lot has happened. The need to have something to work towards weekly or monthly is a must for me and currently that’s this blog. I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a YouTube show where I simply go through some of my photos and tell the stories behind them or go through the editing process but who knows if I’ll have time for that. Just to catch you up, my hours at work got cut so now I either have to find another part time job or dive head first into my personal photography career and other creative endeavors! Since Celine isn’t working yet I might have to look for that part time job, but dang it’s tempting, scary, and exhilarating to ponder the possibility of investing 20 hours a week into whatever creative outlet I desire. Speaking of creative outlets, I also started a terrarium business, called Capsule Terrariums (Instagram / Facebook), but I’m not sure how it will do since this first batch didn’t sell immediately like they did last summer. Anyways, Celine is graduated, we’re moved back to Bonnyville, Celine’s getting back from China on Wednesday after two weeks of hiking, Aspen our puppy is growing fast, Herb the fish is still swimming, the “Where’s the Line” podcast with Caleb is still in development, and once again my mind is being infiltrated with fantasies of where my next career move should be since I don’t have the hours I’m used to. 

     I hope that quick update is sufficient for you all and if you have any insight, advice, or wisdom for where or what I should do for money I’d love to hear it. Something else that’s been on my mind lately is how can I use my photography for a more important cause than mere marketing material. By no means do I think marketing or the industry is bad but it feels helplessly shallow for me. I was thinking it might be cool to start an environmental initiative / organization that partners with Church’s to do something to help the environment since were explicitly called to be responsible in the way we live. I don’t think there’s anything like that right now but who knows and it’s an extremely rough concept right now. I digress…

     Now to the part I’m always passionate to talk about; the photographic process and why the first image below is my favorite. If you don’t agree with my personal choice that’s fine but here’s why I chose it. To start, the combination of six 30-second exposures creates movement in the clouds that helps give a dreamy appearance. Also the colours were at their peak while I was taking the succession of photos and lastly the foreground of ice and snow create a path that leads your eye to the mountains. Comment below on which image is your favorite and for those of you who don’t know what an Instameet is, it’s where people on Instagram meet up in real life to take photos and hang out. Maybe that sounds sketchy to some of you but when there are a lot of people who are all getting together with the key purpose to take gnarly photos I think it’s exciting.

     I’m going to conclude with admitting that my competitive spirit, that was once alive and well when playing sports, silently comes through when taking photos with other photographers. Something about other people creating images of a similar subject stirs up this drive to make sure I have the best final result. But seeing some of the other photographers working the scene really reminded me that there’s no such thing as being the best photographer and that it’s all subjective... With that in mind I just need to focus on practicing this craft and improving my own skills. I’m hoping to finish up the posts from past shoots and get up to date with my life so that I actually have to go out weekly in order to have new content and not rely on past excursions. As always, thanks so much for reading and checking out my images.

Here Comes the Sunshine.

     This is going to be a shorter post but I want to just give all you wonderful readers a quick update. As you might have noticed I’ve been documenting or sharing a lot of my thoughts lately. I love the feedback you’ve given me and hope to continue documenting my personal and photographic journey with you. This being said, I also want to be growing in my creative outlets and in order to do that I need to practice them intentionally. I’m not doing this to gain fame or popularity but rather to document the process of getting to wherever I might be going. As a result of wanting to document rather than achieve virality, I’ve come to the realization that instead of weekly, semi edited, hour long writing sessions; I need to focus more on developing a style and consistent quality. What this means is that for the time being I’m going to enter into a season of listening, rerouting, and looking for guidance for where I need to be heading.

     I don’t think the blog posts are going to stop but for now they might be monthly rather than weekly and talking a lot more about my photographic process with less focus on my personal thoughts or ideology. I’d love to hear if you have any feedback, wisdom, stories, or even guidance for where or what I should be documenting throughout this process. Thanks again for reading and be sure to follow along with my Facebook and Instagram to see more recent images.  

     P.S. The photos below are from my only snowboarding trip I managed to go on this winter with my good friend Dyllon. If you’ve been around from the beginning you’d also know it was after my trip to Sunshine that I wrote the second blog post ever! It seems like yesterday that I started this thing.