Time Passed.

     This is image number two of this three part mini series of my submissions to The Landscape Photography Magazine. I'd Love to hear if you enjoy these shorter posts that go a little deeper into the story behind one image.

     The land we occupy has a sense of timelessness that we aren’t truly able to grasp. How many lighting strikes has it endured, what chemicals have leached into it, how many steps have passed over, what was grown there, and how have we taken it for granted? All of these questions influence the reverence we might have when observing a scene and ultimately how we decide to make a photograph. While visiting the Badlands in Drumheller it’s difficult not to contemplate the millennia’s that the hoodoos and stone formations have endured. The observable scars of sediment line the canyons, which define the ages that those walls have been present. More recently, trenches can be observed due to rainfall that rushes over the dry climate. In this image, I wanted to emphasize the natural engraving caused by the flowing water and have a longer exposure to show the passing of time in the clouds.