Anticipatory Giving.

This week I just want to share with you a short podcast episode I did about anticipatory giving with reference to Peter Denton’s book, “Gift Ecology.” I would love to hear some of your feedback and thoughts.

A New Endeavor.

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting too many of my thoughts here lately. I'll probably get back to writing about the numerous things going through my mind but recently I started a podcast. I figured I consume a large number of podcasts so it would make sense to try to create one myself. It's still in the early development but if you're interested you can search for it on any podcast app you use. I think episode 3 onwards is a good place to start and the point where I feel more comfortable talking to myself in a cluttered storage room. The weird thing about starting a new creative endeavour is you never know if it's going to flop or be something people are interested. Then comes the point where you have to either come to terms with 'failure' or accept that the process and work you put into it is more valuable than amassing a substantial audience.

The name of the podcast is Ecology & Existentialism. I'm not sold on it but I think it covers two topics I can relate to and talk about for some period of time. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the new email format or the podcast.