Take me to Church.

     The next three blog posts are single images that I've submitted The Landscape Photography Magazine. In order to qualify you have to write a short excerpt with each one so I'm going to share those with you.  My hope is that these posts provide a little more insight to my process, the backstory or my thoughts while crafting the images. With no further rambling, enjoy! 

Living in rural Alberta doesn’t offer obvious images with epic views; rather an unspoken subtle beauty is always yearning to be discovered. While driving down one of thousands of range roads the fog engulfed everything. Throughout the entire drive, various images would seem to emerge from the winter haze and stand still while I composed my frame. Old buildings scattered across the countryside stand the test of time reflecting the past into the present and through photography they ground themselves into history. Whenever I find a unique building, such as this church, I can’t help but ponder the past and stories that occurred within the confines of the steadfast walls. In an attempt to share that legacy I desire to present the landmarks in an honest and beautiful style. The uncommon weather conditions provided the perfect backdrop and allowed me to isolate the church from the background. I couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate building to compliment the mysterious ambiance.