Touchdown in Thailand.

     Last night was the first time outside of the Caucasus for almost six months. I arrived in Thailand late last night and was pleasantly welcomed by the calm, warmth that my body seemed to be deprived of. After 36 hours with about four hours of sleep, it was refreshing to unpack and settle into the hotel room before getting a sufficient slumber. I’m currently at a media conference for the next week or so but the venue is really nice and the people are so welcoming. While I’m here I hope to take some night photos of all the gorgeous walkways and paths. The difference between culture and environment between the Caucasus and Thailand seems so immense! I’m interested to learn more about Thailand when I meet up with Celine once the conference is over. My previous experiences of Asia have always been amazing, which makes me excited for this next month of traveling through it.

     I hope you enjoy the photos from an old Soviet base I explored at the beginning of March. I actually forgot I took these photos until I was recently organizing files. It was a vast area that only had a few ruined buildings with a hinge decrepit shop in the middle. Half way through exploring, a guy came to tell to leave but once he got out of the vehicle I threw him off with a big smile and “hello.” Immediately you could tell he tried to hold back a smile but he simply gestured not to take photos (due to being ashamed of the dump the area was) and then drove away. It didn’t really stop me since I don’t think he had any authority and the place was really awesome! P.S. the first black and white photo is my favourite!

Come back next week where I’ll either share photos from my last village trip in the Caucasus or photos of Thailand. Let me know which one you would prefer!