Transitional Living.

     When I’m not taking photos for work I’m often trying to plan or figure out when my next adventure or photo-shoot will be. With this comes a lot of photography that I don’t want to overload everyone with and often don’t feel as though it’s high enough quality to share with the masses. For example I have photos from my honeymoon that I still need to share and then three other outings that I haven’t even started showing on my website. Everyday (other than Sunday) I’m posting on Instagram and Facebook but even then I have a lot of work that doesn’t see the Internet.

    I’ve put in countless hours and have made over 100,000 photographs but I know I have so much to learn and grow in.  This being said, I also have a curiosity to know if I’m just delusional in my abilities and exude a false personality of being significantly more prestigious than I really am. The entire “fake it until you make it” motto is one that seems to work pretty well in our culture today but I think I might be at the point where I no longer need to fake it and have the full capacity to perform at a high level. This rant might not be making much sense so I’ll sum it up and just say the transitional period of going from faking it and trying to forcefully create, to naturally creating and almost having it become a new life style is uncomfortable to say the least.

     Everyday you see people online who are faking it through life and not willing to enter into the awkward transitional stage to later embrace the new level that they are genuinely, desiring to reach. Instead we cheat ourselves out of our dreams by not working harder but rather trying to glide past a checkpoint. This is coming straight from my heart because I almost feel like that’s where I’m at while I sit here in Three Hill’s letting the days past and eagerly waiting for my next photo-shoot. I have so much fervor and energy to be working harder towards my goals but the environment I’m in currently doesn’t allow my passions to expand and grow. It’s almost a suffocating feeling but I know if I continue to work hard and fill the time then something will come from it. I definitely don’t want to ignore the people who do enable me to work hard at my passions and realize the drive I have to make others around me succeed so thank you!  

     Have you experienced any uncomfortable transitions professionally or in life in general and how did you break out of the old mindset to flourish in the new reality?