Work Harder.

     Growing up I had frequently envisioned, planned, and pushed towards goals I perceived as being healthy or beneficial for my life. I think it is from this meticulous rational that a sensation of always needing to work harder than people with similar aspirations stemmed.

     I haven’t had full time employment for the past two summers but instead part time jobs doing work relevant to my digital media degree. Without a doubt it's more rewarding and life giving than previous manual labor. One aspect of this that I do have a hard time with is productively filling my extra time. My mental health (that I’ve shared a bit about in a previous post) is undoubtedly influenced by how busy I am. The more I do, directly results in less time to dwell on myself and brings about a more active lifestyle with fewer lows. What I’m getting to is that I think I’m not working hard enough and need more projects to come to fruition and out of my mind in order to feel like I have a chance of making it in the wild west that the creative industry has become.

     Photography alone could take up majority of my time if I were to fully pursue it but as Octopus Creative’s sole photographer it leaves me quite content with where I am. Along with that I’ve been making some headway on Instagram and regularly partnering with brands like TreeCandle, The Water Fund, and Gridless Life by providing them with images to further their brands and visions. All of it is exhilarating for me and still enables me to search out various other creative endeavours. Just to clarify I don’t think I’ve peaked and am fully aware of how much I still need to grow in my craft; but seeing results from what I’ve been working towards for four joyous years is rewarding!

     With this all being said I still want to do more and I think that’s where my intrigue with micro businesses comes in. I have a lot of ideas floating around and think the next step is partnering with people who are passionate about creating something that can grow or develop into whatever we want it to. Making open-air terrariums gave me a small taste of what it might be like and now I just need to DO! Enough time has been spent thinking of what to do and it’s now time to execute those ideas. If you or someone you know has a similar drive feel free contact me because I would love to start an exciting new venture with you!

P.S.      You probably expected a summary of how the wedding and honeymoon went but you’ll have to wait until we get some photos from our photographer so I can effectively share the story with you! However, you will get to see some images from the honeymoon over the next few weeks!  The ones below are from the first half of our evening at Lost Lake in Whistler, BC!