Video Work.

Manville Co-op Centennial -

ByDesign Nutrition & Health -

Metrix Group | New Office -

The Grande Parlour: Susanne Hildt -

The Grande Parlour: Nana -

Prairie College | GlobeTrek

From September 2015 to May 2016 I had the opportunity to participate in this immersive program and create a promotional video for Prairie College. 

A highlight of Prairie's Bachelor in Intercultural Studies is a 9-month internship that will lead students to 10 countries and 4 continents, which is called: GlobeTREK. Students will observe and at times participate in ministry with orphans, street kids, prisoners, AIDS victims, and former prostitutes.

Extravagant Yak Travel Company

A video I made for the Extravagant Yak Travel Company. I highly recommend touring the Tibetan Autonomous region of China with this amazing company! See more details on their website.

China Practicum

A quick video of our Prairie College Digital Media International practicum to China. It was an amazing experience with incredible people! Special thanks to Ron Nickel, Paul Sankar, Zach Penner, Extravagant Yak Tavel Company, and Zhilam Hostel in Kangding! You all made the trip so enjoyable!

Digital Media Overview

This video was a compilation project done by me and my fellow second year Digital Media classmates. It was chaos trying to edit it but the final project is awesome and gives a great overview of the program. Huge thanks to Aaron who guided us through the process and taught me so much about the story telling process.

Winter Wanderer

This is the final video I made for my video class in college. There are plenty of things I might change now but I enjoyed the process a lot! It was all shot in one day starting at 6am going until 7pm at night with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.