Mason Unrau

     I'm a photographer and videographer based in Alberta, Canada who thoroughly enjoys nature. Throughout my photography journey I've travelled to many unique countries and continually look for opportunities to experience more of our world. My hope is that through listening and learning from people with diverse histories and cultures, I can use photography to help promote harmony with our planet as well as each other. Creating imagery in a way that communicates the importance of restoring our connection to place and how we should be actively maintaining healthy ecology drives my landscape and nature work.

     I have a Diploma in Digital Media and have worked in various professional as well as cross-cultural settings. Lastly, if there's an adventure I usually can't pass it up so let me know if you need company! 


Countries Photographed: Canada, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, Spain, Greece, Caucasus Region, Egypt, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Phillipines, Malaysia

All work displayed copyright Mason Unrau.