The Four Letter 'F' Word #1.

Warning: Before you look at the photos go grab something to eat or have something ready because hunger may be induced.


     This four-letter word influences so much in the world. When we masticate succulent, savory, or sweet sustenance it literally alters our perception of the reality around us. Eating can make us feel blissful or without it we can become irate. We can become exhausted due to too much or too little. We can even end up six feet under from consuming superfluous or miniscule amounts. This phenomenally diverse and varying substance that we call food shapes cultures around the world and following suit the people here have a distinct culture formed around the molecular compounds that make construct their local dishes.

     While taking photos of food for a people group’s calendar I have had to attempt to adjust to the routines and practices performed in the local’s homes. Upon arriving you sit down for some tea and a conversation that can last up to an hour. Following this you may proceed to the purpose of the visit, which for me was to photograph a dish that was prepared by the local family. My allotted timeframe was often rushed since the people observing were always eager to ingest whatever my subject was. Due to this it forced me to sometimes work a little quicker than I would’ve liked and not always getting an image I was happy with but merely what I could get in those circumstances.

     However, on this trip to a town comprised primarily of this specific people group I managed to return to my element of telling the story that was occurring in front of my lens. Below are my favorite images from that story and some of the delicious food we ate afterwards. I would tell you the exact names of the dishes but it might give away the people group and location. The first platter is like a pizza with egg, cheese and some other flavoring. The other circular one with designs on top is a doughy, sugary dessert that is eaten with tea made from some berries in the region. Lastly is the massive quantity of bread that is special to the people group and highly revered.

     The next post I will elaborate on the process of getting some of the food shots and have more from this trip as well as other shots that will be in the calendar. Thanks again for all your support and prayers!