Angkor Wat, What?.

     From Myanmar we flew to Cambodia where our contact wasn’t able to meet with us last minute so we had to improvise as a team. Fortunately we didn’t let it faze us too much and planned an amazing morning trip to the world famous Angkor Wat! Skimming through all the popular photography websites you’re bound to see the iconic reflection photos with the temple in the background. It has been a while since I’ve browsed the various sites so many of the images had faded from my memory but I still had the iconic scene in my head. The problem I have with going to many of these gorgeous locations is that millions of people before me have stood in the exact same spot and have likely made every single kind of image imaginable! Regardless of this bleak reality, I try to think creatively and push either my post processing or composition in a dynamic way so that my work might stand out. It’s not often that I feel as though I’ve made a unique image but I know that I’ve attempted to push my creativity to he next level. It is this process that I push myself into and often find it pretty uncomfortable to delve into.

     Much like my creative process I want to push myself out of my comfort zone to try to excel in whatever I’m doing at the subsection section of time in my life. Currently I’m unemployed and back home, which leave my mind often infiltrated by ideas of how to afford a wedding and paying off the past 9 months of travel. One of these wild ideas is about to commence this week and hopefully it will succeed so that I can embark on other entrepreneurial pursuits. This being said, I am always open to working a regular job but trying to make it as a photographer, videographer, designer, or micro business owner is far more exhilarating! Some people get a thrill from sky diving, motor sports, or a multitude of other adrenaline injecting activities but selling something I’m passionate about to people who care, is my ecstasy.

     I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this blog and I hope you find enough value in it to simply share it with other people who might also see it’s value. Lastly, keep an eye out to see what sort of products I’ve been making over the past week!