Bonnyville Photographer.

     As you might have noticed, I took a break from the blog for most of September. There were a few reasons for this, one was because right after the last post published my truck broke down, which lead to finding a replacement. Also I'm currently in the process of officially registering as a Photography and Videography business in Bonnyville (which is exciting and scary all at once). It doesn't sound like much but over the past month it seems like I've endured an extensive lesson on adulting. Throughout the process it felt as though, like in the pictures below, a massive storm could come crashing down and drown any sort of hope I had; when it came to paying off debt or working towards long term goals. It made me realize how fortunate I am to have family around us who are willing to support us in all fashions of the word.

     Just to give you an idea of the degree my family aided, after our truck broke down my parents drove 11 hours to pick us and the truck up! That in itself is insane and then my grandparents helped us afford a new vehicle so we weren't stuck without transportation. I'm beyond thankful and can't help but sit in awe of the fortune I have when it comes to the people involuntarily, placed in my life. 

     A new chapter is beginning and even though the transition has been tough I have hope for the future and can merely pray for wisdom in what to do next. Thanks for reading and I'll be back to my weekly schedule again soon!