Goals, Choices, & Dreams.

     Hiking, editing, eating, playing games, hanging out, watching Netflix or YouTube, photographing, Instagraming, Facebooking, or even blogging are just a few of leisurely choices I have to make each day. Sure, these are all pretty simplistic and easy to see the benefits or detriments of each based on urgency or other external influences. There’s so much that we can use to distract ourselves from the important matters in life and as time progresses an inevitable, always increasing, influx of time consumers will persistently emerge.

     The ability to differentiate from what we genuinely know is beneficial to our long term goals is what separates the people we see as ‘successful’ from those we recognize as ‘failures’. Success and failure are both pretty blunt words and extremely subjective but I think we can base them both on one thing; how effectively is one contributing to the progression of our world and humanity. This pertains to education, spirituality, art, economy, or even the health of those around us. I’m probably missing some and could think of more if I were to ponder this more substantially but for the time being a useful question to ask ourselves when making daily choices is “how is what I’m doing contributing towards my aspirations and the progression of society.” If you realize you aren’t progressing towards your goals set forth in life then just stop and readjust. It might be difficult to do depending on if you have a family or legal agreements but there are always steps we can make to refocus on our dreams.

     Maybe you don’t have goals or aspirations so you can’t even refocus and this is where I want to encourage you it figure it out! I’m not saying the goals need to be set in stone but have them there to be striving towards something. I know I’ve had multiple aspirations that because of various circumstances I’ve had to painfully shift towards something different. As you begin to be more driven it’s almost certain that the outrageous or seemingly impossible dreams to pursue throughout life are never easy but ultimately worth it because you put in the work. I want you to have the courage to set your goals, make the daily choices to get you closer to them, and don’t be afraid to shift to something new if circumstances direct you there.

     The images below are from a short hike Celine and I did in Whistler. I think I might start posting some more recent adventures and save the rest of the images from Whistler for times I don’t have fresh content.