Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone.

     Road trips are one of those things that either go fairly well or fall apart drastically! Fortunately our trio, Celine, Sophia, and myself, managed to adequately plan and execute an amazing week long escapade over the border. Every time I type in a location on my phone, I’m amazed at how far you can travel in a 24-hour time frame! Luckily our drive to Yellowstone was only 9 but really the adventures are endless if you're willing to persevere through the long hours in a confined space. Anyways, we enthusiastically embarked on our trip early Sunday morning and ended up in Yellowstone National Park late in the afternoon. I personally didn’t have many expectation but we were lucky to show up and get a campsite at the northern Mammoth campground.

     Our first night dipped below 0 and rained the next day but we woke up early and set off to explore the park. Just over the hill we found ourselves at Mammoth Hot Springs and you’d think relaxing in a naturally warmed pool of water would be in store but the opposite presented itself. Instead we were welcomed by signs that informed us to stay on the boardwalk so we wouldn’t be scalded to death! I was actually pretty happy about it because it meant that I’d be able to get some dramatic images with the stormy sky in the background. I was fascinated by the always-changing landscape the small area. Another bonus of the seemingly harsh environment was that it offered a plethora of foreground options for photos as well as dead trees everywhere! Add those two elements together and you have a recipe for some great images. Check them out below and let me know what you think.

      I won’t make this post too long because it was only the first few hours of our first day but it was a phenomenal start to my search for unique landscapes in the park. Next week will be about our next stop that day. One last thing, I want to conclude this post by expressing my gratitude for a job that allows me to go on trips like this and enables my attempt at an adventurous life!