The Apex of Thailand: Doi Inthanon.

     This post is a bit of a throwback to when I first arrived in Thailand nearly a month ago to attended a media conference. It was so gratifying to network with people who are on the front lines of providing culturally appropriate material to millions of individuals and thousands of unique people groups. While learning an abundance of social media marketing and other tech things I was also fortunate enough to visit with Celine after the full day sessions. As always it was so refreshing being reunited with her to resume living life together.

     On my day off from the conference there was an opportunity for Celine and I to go on a day trip to Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon. Celine wanted to see the grand landmark since she arrived in Thailand 6 months ago so we signed up and spent the following day touring the countryside. After stopping at two waterfalls, a fruit market, a village, and then lunch we finally reached the point where we had to walk to the highest point. Honestly, I was expecting a bit of a hike but we casually walked along a nicely paved path to a sign that claimed to be the pinnacle of Thailand. Although this was the geographical apex of the country it was anything but the climax of the day trip. Regardless, Celine in her typical optimistic outlook made the best of it and we got our bus driver to take a few fun photos of us. I was expecting an amazing view or something but it was just a sign surrounded by trees and then a Buddhist shrine further down the path. After that slight disappoint we walked through an awesome forest and visited the Thai king and queen’s Stupas’. It was at this point we experienced the anticipated view of endless rolling hills and unfathomably dense forest. Overall it was an amazing day hanging out with Celine and being able to observe a fragment of Thailand’s incredible beauty! 

     Today we fly to Myanmar and stay there for the next four days but my next blog post will likely consist of my somewhat traumatizing motto ride on Koh Larn, which is an island near Pattaya. I hope you enjoy the photos below of the conference resort and from our wonderful adventure to Doi Inthanon. Have and awesome week!