Work for it.

     Once again I find myself glad to be in a location that forces me to push personal creative limits. There aren't any mountains, crystal clear lakes, grandiose trees, or even tourist attractions. However, there is light, foreground, midground, and background and that's all you really need to create an image that makes people pause for a second. For the shoot below, I has plenty of time to work with the scene prior to the sun completely setting. Even with just a pond, reeds, the sun and a few clouds there were infinite compositions and angles I could have tried. Honestly, part of me wishes I had some mountains and obvious stunning scenes to shoot but would there really be a challenge? Of course with any popular scene there's going to be new or innovative ways to photograph it, but that also means less chance for creativity to be forced upon you. I hope with my images that they will create intrigue and appreciation throughout the region which will then hopefully attract people to the Lakeland Region. There's a lot to do if you're willing to get out and do it or spend some time looking.

     One of the favourite projects I've had the privilege of working on was the Travel Lakeland website. Countless hours were spent researching and finding all the information possible for things to do around the region but it was also accompanied by lots of photography. Check out the website if you're interested in what the area has to offer and if you want to see a plethora of my images that I've never released. Thanks for reading and all the wonderful feedback you give.